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We're delighted to invite you to look round the products section of our website. We manufacture a large range of expertly designed cleaning cards for many varieties of card readers. We offer you a wide range of selected products and solutions at affordable prices. We make sure that only the highest quality products leave our house. Of course we will advise you comprehensively, pay attention to your individual wishes and requirements and always find the right solution for you.


If you are interested in any of our products please call our Sales Team or send us Email / Fax further details...



Product Overview

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Plain Card Reader Cleaning Card

Our mainstream card. This cleaning card can be used in any type of magnetic card reader, including push-in, swipe and motorised systems. The card is inserted in the reader like a regular card, and then simply disposed of. 

Encoded Magnetic Card Reader Cleaning Card

Some card readers are equipped with a security shutter which checks for the presence of a magnetic stripe on the card being inserted. The card is inserted in the reader like a regular card, and then simply disposed of. 

Thermal Printer Cleaning Card

Thermal printers use high density high temperature electrodes to 'burn' transfer paper. Our cleaning cards are drawn through the printer to remove contamination and maintain performance.

Chip and Pin Reader Cleaning Cards

Chip and pin card readers combine both a magnetic stripe read head and a chip reading contact set. Both the magnetic read head and the pins need to be cleaned.

Plastic Card Printer Cleaning Cards / T-Card

Plastic card printers use a hot foil printing process to reproduce produce imagery on the surface of a plastic card. This process uses heat in the same way as thermal printing, and again the print heads require regular cleaning to maintain adequate performance.



Money Validator Cleaning Cards

We manufacture cleaning cards to suit the dimensions of the currency being validated. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure accurate and reliable reading. 

Cleaning Kits

All of the items we supply can be provided in kit form, for ease of supply to your customers. We can set a specification or work to your requirements. Own labeling can be used to provide a professional finish.


Cleaning Swabs

ECS offer a range of swab products.

All the swabs can be used for cleaning delicate areas within card readers, printers and thermal transfer printers. This includes direct cleaning of print/read heads where the use of a card is impractical. 


Cleaning Card for Cash-Recylcer, 150 x 220 mm

suitable for long edge and short edge note acceptors

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